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anyone using Emacspeak with a Dectalk PC1?

You are better off gettign the firmware upgrade if it is
available for the Dectalk PC --I don't know if it is; it is
definitely available for the Express.

The reason you see the problem only when using emacspeak
--and not with older screenreaders that trace their history
back to DOS and older Dectalks is that they typically do not
use the Dectalk 4.0 features of speaking individual letters
--they simply ship the letter and force the thing to talk.

>>>>> "Ryan" == Ryan Shugart <ryan@lothlorien.nfbcal.org> writes:

    Ryan> Hi all: I am running Emacspeak 10.0 on a Redhat
    Ryan> 6.0 system that I just setup and will be using in
    Ryan> about a month as part of a college level C++
    Ryan> course.  My speech synthesizer is a Dectalk PC1
    Ryan> running V4.2B of the firmware.  I installed the
    Ryan> Dectalk PC driver for linux, and setup the
    Ryan> Emacspeak variables properly and am able to get it
    Ryan> to talk.  However, my Dectalk has some buggy
    Ryan> firmware in it that causes it to say space a few
    Ryan> times before each letter.  Obviously this is very
    Ryan> very annoying, and makes reviewing and entering
    Ryan> information very sluggish.  I e-mailed the author
    Ryan> of the drivers, who said that it was a digital
    Ryan> bug, that effected the Dectalk PC's performance in
    Ryan> Emacspeak.  It is only in Emacspeak where these
    Ryan> problems happen it works fine other paces.  Anyway
    Ryan> the author of the driver said it might be possible
    Ryan> to modify the Emacspeak speech driver in how it
    Ryan> pronounces characters in order to make the Dectalk
    Ryan> PC work properly.  Has anyone done this?  Does
    Ryan> anyone have a modified driver they might be
    Ryan> willing to share?  Thanks for the help.  Ryan

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