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anyone using Emacspeak with a Dectalk PC1?

Hi all:
I am running Emacspeak 10.0 on a Redhat 6.0 system that I just setup and 
will be using in about a month as part of a college level C++ course.  My 
speech synthesizer is a Dectalk PC1 running V4.2B of the firmware.  I 
installed the Dectalk PC driver for linux, and setup the Emacspeak 
variables properly and am able to get it to talk.  However, my Dectalk 
has some buggy firmware in it that causes it to say space a few times 
before each letter.  Obviously this is very very annoying, and makes 
reviewing and entering information very sluggish.  I e-mailed the author 
of the drivers, who said that it was a digital bug, that effected the 
Dectalk PC's performance in Emacspeak.  It is only in Emacspeak where 
these problems happen it works fine other paces.  Anyway the author of 
the driver said it might be possible to modify the Emacspeak speech 
driver in how it pronounces characters in order to make the Dectalk PC 
work  properly.  Has anyone done this?  Does anyone have a modified 
driver they might be willing to share?  
Thanks for the help.

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