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Re: W3

> Hi all, is W3 included as part of Emacs when installed?  I did a Redhat 
> 6.0 workstation install, and it installed Emacs and all the stuff needed 
> to run Emacspeak, but if W3 is there I sure can't figure out how to 
> launch it.  I've tried M-x w3, with just a beep.  I've tried 
> fetch-url-w3, which asked me for a URL but didn't open it.  I also tried 
> downloading what was suposed to be W3 4.0 PRE2.51, the latest I could 
> find in .rpm format.  But when I did rpm -install filename, it still 
> didn't work.  Am I doing something wrong?  

if you want a recent version of w3, you'll either have to install
from sources or roll your own rpm. redhat doesnt include w3, unfortunately.

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