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getting speech feedback as you boot/reboot

>>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Campbell <mattcamp@feist.com> writes:

    Matthew> I think you should send your changes to Red Hat
    Matthew> Software for inclusion in their init scripts.
this is the eventual goal--
but it is not there yet.
In addition to saying speak=yes
the sysconfig guy should also say what kind of device 
--this could be either Braille or speech.

Rather than rushing off and throwing something half-baked in
there, let's see how we use it for a while, and then let it
settle into a stable diff that goes to redhat for inclusion.

    Matthew> You could add a variable to /etc/sysconfig/init
    Matthew> called SPEAK that would be set to "yes" if the
    Matthew> user wants speech from the init scripts.  Then,
    Matthew> /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions would load
    Matthew> /etc/sysconfig/init and load the speak module
    Matthew> only if the SPEAK variable is "yes".

    Matthew> By the way, do you exit Emacs before you shut
    Matthew> down your machine, or do you run the shutdown
Always exit emacs before you shutdown a system!

Incidentally, my .bash_profile has the following in it which
export PROMPT_COMMAND=play ding.au
(full path to ding.au of course)

the .bash_profile for root has prompt_command set to play a
different sound file.

    Matthew> command in an Emacs shell buffer?

    Matthew> -- Matt Campbell <mattcamp@feist.com> Web site:
    Matthew> http://www.feist.com/~mattcamp/ ICQ #: 33005941

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