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Spoken feedback during boot and more.

Hi Blinuxers,

T.V. Raman had rewritten some init scripts to get spoken feed back
when the box boots up, changes run levels or halts.
They work for hardware synthesizers pretty soon after boot time (no
software synths like Mbrola are supported so far).

These changed scripts are now available as rpm packets for Redhat 6.0
You can download them from the Blinux file archive as

After install, you'll have to edit the file /etc/sysconfig/speak and chose
the port where your hardware synth is connected.
ttyS0 is first  serial port (default setting)
ttyS1 is second serial port
and so on.

You also have to set SPEAK="yes" to get spoken feedback.

Any Debian people out there who are willing to write a deb package
out of the files? It really should be easy. Please upload them to

Thanks & Enjoy!

blinux == http://www.leb.net/blinux/
ios++  == http://www.leb.net/hzo/ioscount/

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