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Finding keystrokes for particular mode

>>>>> "Victor" == Victor Tsaran <vtsaran@nimbus.ocis.temple.edu> writes:

Victor> ...How do I find about various Emacspeak functions in a
Victor> particular mode? 

There are, as with all things emacs, several answers!  To start off, I
recommend you use the built in help facilities that emacs has to
offer.  These are all built off the "C-h" key and you will see that
"C-h m" is "describe mode."  This will list many of the user functions
for the mode you are in.  

Alternatively you could look at the source code (the .el files) and
read the descriptions there.  

These are of course but 2 of your options, but I think they will get
you started on learning more about emacs and emacspeak.

Hope this helps,


 Greg Priest-Dorman
 priestdo@cs.vassar.edu      NO SOLICITING

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