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Accent SA RPM

I've been able to finally get the accent to work with my Linux machine.

Thanks to Victor and Jim who offered help.

I was lucky enough to get help from a member of the local Linux users group.
He tried installing the emacspeak accent server and suggested the following
be shared with the list.  I won't pretend I understand any of this yet, so
this is exactly what he sent me.

Hi Lui!

  Anyway, I thought I should outline what I found, just in case
you decide to write the guy who packaged the RPM someday.
1) DTK_TCL is set to the absolute pathname of whatever
   script interpreter you are using.
2) DTK_PROGRAM is set to the basename of the script to be
3) DTK_PORT is set to the absolute pathname of the device
   which goes to your synthesizer.
4) The permissions on $DTK_PORT must allow the user to write
   characters to that device.
5) I suspect that that the DTK_PROGRAM has to be in the
   /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/ directory.  (I think
   I got the directory correct, anyway the emacspeak directory
   under /usr/share.

Take care, and good luck!

Matter Realisations     http://www.materialisations.com/

Lui Greco
(780) 423-3519

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