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re: key echo

Lui Greco writes:
 > key echoHello:
 > I've just got emacspeak to work on my machine and am still working my way
 > through the emacspeak documentation.
good to hear.
 > every time I type a letter, the letter is spoken and the word
 > cursor is appended.  IE lCursor iCursor kCursor eCursor tCursor
 > hCursor iCursor sCursor.  this is most certainly not normal.  it is
 the default emacspeak behaviour is to have key echo turned on, but
  not for the word cursor to be spoken.  This sounds like a bug in the
  accent server itself.  if the accent server is functioning correctly
  you should hear: l i k e t h i s instead of what you described.

first, to toggle key echo the key sequence c-e d k is what you want
try c-h k then c-e d k to get help on the function.  note c-h k then a
key sequence will bring up help on the function bound to that key.

To find out what is causing the accent server to speak the extra
cursor junk, I'd open up the accent server file, and search for the
text cursor.  If it's in there then make a backup of the server and
remove the word cursor from the file.  This is a very simple approach
to solving the problem and there is a good chance it isn't going to
solve it, but it's worth a shot.

if you've tried the above cludge and it doesn't solve your problem
then further debugging of the accent server code is required.  Please
try the aforementioned aproach and if this fails, write myself or the
list for further help.



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