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New user

Jean Jordaan writes:
 > I haven't perceived any voice-lock functionality yet. Perhaps it 
 > needs more configuration and RTFM.  

Other possible causes for this are that the Braille 'n' Speak doesn't
support multiple voices and voice parameters as the DECtalk does, or
that the Braille 'n' Speak server for Emacspeak is filtering out the
DECtalk voice commands being sent by Emacspeak.

 > At the moment, the way it draws tables and frames seem obstructive. 
 > I'm sure the docs tell how to fix this. 

If you installed W3 from the RPM I provide (which is available in Red
Hat's contrib archive and maybe from blinux as well), you should also
install the w3-contrib RPM.  In there you will find a W3 extension I
wrote which is called w3-detabulate.  Using that you can turn off
tables and they will be displayed in a way similar to what Lynx does
with them; this should be easier to read with Emacspeak.  Install teh
w3-contrib RPM and read
/usr/doc/w3-contrib-4.0pre.44/README.detabulate to find out how to use
this feature.  Regarding frames, I think W3 has an option to turn them
off; consult the documentation.

Matt Campbell <mattcamp@feist.com>
Web site:  http://www.crosswinds.net/~mattcamp/
ICQ #:  33005941

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