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Re: Online documentation


Lui Greco <luig@telusplanet.net> writes:

> ctrl+h I will bring up all the online documentation loaded.  How do I then
> find the emacspeak manuals?

If emacspeak is properly installed, a line looks like this:
* Emacspeak: (emacspeak).   .......

will appear in that all documentations.
After pressing CTRL+h i (i is lowercase), you will be taken into the
Info browser and you will be in the node `dir' at the first time.
Short description for key bindings of info browser will be found at
the top of that buffer.

Please read the emacspeak and emacs documentation (in info) first.

Good Luck.

                   Koichi Inoue
                    Software Research Center, Ricoh Co. Ltd.
                   e-mail: kinoue@ic.rdc.ricoh.co.jp

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