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Re: Online documentation

Thanks for the suggestions.

The emacspeak documentation isn't exactly easy to find.  I'm having a
problem getting my Accent to work properly and am using a Windows machine to
try and learn the system.  Sounds a bit complicated I realise however I
think the files I've been able to find assume:
The system is installed
the terminology is familiar

Both these assumptions on my part at least miss the boat.  I'm by no means
new to computing but the files/manuals I've been able to find on the net
regarding emacspeak .... well, that's enough of that.

Thanks anyway for the suggestion.

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Subject: Re: Online documentation

: Hi,
: Lui Greco <luig@telusplanet.net> writes:
: > ctrl+h I will bring up all the online documentation loaded.  How do I
: > find the emacspeak manuals?
: If emacspeak is properly installed, a line looks like this:
: * Emacspeak: (emacspeak).   .......
: will appear in that all documentations.
: After pressing CTRL+h i (i is lowercase), you will be taken into the
: Info browser and you will be in the node `dir' at the first time.
: Short description for key bindings of info browser will be found at
: the top of that buffer.
: Please read the emacspeak and emacs documentation (in info) first.
: Good Luck.
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