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mbrola and emacspeak

arg, I must be really brain dead this morning.

this is the second email I've sent to the wrong address,lets try

Ivan Fetch writes:
 > Hello,
 >    Is anyone out there actually using Emacspeak 10.0 with Mbrola (and
 > Emacspeak's Mbrola Server V1.3 - I assume this to be the latest version)?

no, 1.4 is arround.  It's still pretty messy i'm afraid to say.
although i'm off overseas for three months next week and hope to fit
in some time to work on it then. It is however much more responsive
than 1.3 It now uses Rodgers softspeech wrapper arround mbrola and
freephone.  there is some problems with stopping speech but overall
it's a large improvement.

 > I am wondering just how usable the above combination of software is,   as I
 > know there are _some_ problems with mbrola server for emacspeak.
for reading large chunks of text it's wonderful -- i read nearly all
my books using it.  for programing etc it works but could be faster.
the stopping thing can get a little tiresome.

It's worth a shot.  especially good for use on laptops when you couldn't be bothered to plug in a hardware synth.

 > Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated,
 > Ivan Fetch.

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