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OutLoud and Emacspeak

-ltcl --linking to libtcl --you need to have installed TCL
--extended TCL on your machine.
Did you bother to read the instructions in the emacspeak
TCL has *always*been required by emacspeak --independent of

Please subscribe to the emacspeak mailing list and ask your
questions there rather than sending me private email.
www.emacs.org can mirror the emacspeak site if they would be
kind enough to do so 

>>>>> "John" == John Lamb <pwizard@rbdc.rbdc.com> writes:

    John> Hi there.  I'm trying to get Emacspeak to run on
    John> my computer (Debian Linux, Dual Celeron 366a's,
    John> 128MB RAM) so I can code with my blind friend and
    John> not have to read everything to him as I type.
    John> After toying around a bit, I got ahold of IBM's
    John> ViaVoice RTK.  I was compiling the outloud library
    John> for emacspeak and it complained that it couldn't
    John> find -ltcl, which is apparently necessary for the
    John> compile.  I was wondering if you could shed a
    John> little light on the subject for me.  I would be
    John> eternally grateful.

    John> I am cc'ing a copy of this to a friend I just met
    John> on IRC in channel #emacs.  He's apparently an
    John> administrator for www.emacs.org and has offered to
    John> give you webhosting on his server.

    John> Thanks again!

    John> John Lamb

Best Regards,

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