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Re: OutLoud and Emacspeak

>>>>> "T" == T V Raman <ramantv@earthlink.net> writes:

    T> -ltcl --linking to libtcl --you need to have installed TCL
    T> --extended TCL on your machine.  Did you bother to read the
    T> instructions in the emacspeak Makefile?  TCL has *always*been
    T> required by emacspeak --independent of Outloud.

Ugh! I'll try and be a bit more diplomatic, knowing a bit more
concerning the situation with Debian. :)

Debian doesn't create a symlink to libtcl.so. Why? No clue, it just
doesn't. You need to link against tcl<version>. For example, -ltcl8.2.

I've had issues with the Outloud server though, and haven't gotten it
working at all. I first did a -ltcl8.2, with no luck; it segfaulted,
and nobody else has been able to track down the bug, nor can anyone
offer me any tips on how to debug a TCL script, since I don't know
TCL. Furthermore, Debian's TCLX packages are a bit out of
date. Linking against tcl7.6 and tclx and running with the command
'tcl7.6 outloud' produces lots of undefined symbol errors.

So, I'm honestly not sure if the Outloud server will work with
existing Debian packages, or if there is some way to massage it into
working well. Good luck, and if you get it working, please give me a
yell! :) It may just be best to build your own TCL/TCLX and use
something like stow to keep everything separate from your Debianized
versions. I may try that myself to see how well it works, once I
survive finals. :)

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