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forwarded: T V Raman on Blind Line

This weekend, ACB Radio, the Internet radio station run by the
American Council of the Blind, will broadcast an interview with
T. V. Raman on the Blind Line talk show.  The original announcement is
attached below.  Since the announcement does not include the address
of the ACB Radio Web site, here it is:  http://www.acbradio.org/

ACB Radio broadcasts through a live MP3 stream.  If you have mpg123,
you can listen with the following command:


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Has the GUI put you in one too many sticky messes? Are you ready to try an 
operating system that was doing 15 years ago what Windows is only starting 
to do properly now? Then maybe you need to consider UNIX.

This week, Blind Line on ACB Radio features T V Raman, author of Emacspeak, 
a system that gives blind people access to UNIX operating systems. Version 
11 of the product was released this week, and it is now completely 
self-contained with its own software speech synthesiser. Best of all, 
Emacspeak is completely free.

After the interview, you'll have the chance to phone in and have your say. 
If you don't have Buddyphone, the Internet phone software we use, download 
it from the download section of the ACB Radio site at http://www.acbradio.org.

Blind Line is heard on Saturdays at 2200 Universal, 5 PM Eastern.
	Jonathan Mosen
ICQ: 32257076
Phone: +64-21-4Mosen

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