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cannot use midi auditory icons in outloud server

stdiosynth may be installed --but it is clearly not working
in your environment 
--I have no idea because I dont have that particular card
--though Im surprized you say playmidi works.
>>>>> "Jacob" == Jacob Schmude <jacobs@ncinter.net> writes:

    Jacob> Hello all I have a soundblaster 16 Vibra pnp
    Jacob> sound card and cannot play midi with
    Jacob> emacspeak. Everything else including mp3, cd
    Jacob> audio, and midi via playmidi works but not the
    Jacob> auditory icons. I get the following error (note
    Jacob> stdiosynth is installed)

    Jacob> opl3: Initializing voice 0 with undefined
    Jacob> instrument

    Jacob> anybody know what to do about this?

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    Jacob> 53401220

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