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problems getting emacspeak 11 to start

Hi all
I appear to be having a problem getting emacspeak 11 to speak on my
System specs
redhat 6.1 emacs 20.4
I used the emacspeak-11.0-1.noarch.rpm from ftp.leb.net
I also installed the emacspeak-ss-1.5.tar.gz drivers for my doubletalk
A driver test tcl dubletalk speaks correctly
I've exported DTK_PROGRAM=doubletalk
and DTK_PORT=/dev/ttyS46

On starting up emacspeak using the command "emacspeak" I get the following
symbol's function definition is void: track-mouse

and do not hear anything.

I've also tried ibm viavoice outloud with the same result.

I also ran the emacspeakconfig program with the same results.

has anyone any suggestions on what I'm missing here?

thanks in advance for any help.

Regards Nick

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