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Re: W3 4 pre question

Whistler <whistler@blinksoft.com> writes:

> Ok I have w3 4 I did everything the install says to do.  It still won't
> run.  Before if I did M-x w3 it would beep if I did w and tryed tab
> completion it would find nothing.  Now with w3 version 4 it still beeps
> if I type M-x w3 but if I do M-x w and use tab completion it shows all
> the w3 functions so I know at least it is installed.  I just have no idea
> why it won't run.

I would suggest running the stuff from ftp.xemacs.org instead of from CVS.
The CVS repository has the rewritten URL support and a bunch of other stuff
that isn't wholly finished yet.

-Bill P.

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