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Accent SA initialization

Hello all:
I've posted a few times in the past regarding crappy performance of EmacSpeak  with the accent SA server.  So, sorry to Spam again.
The following bugs still are making it almost impossible to get intelligible speech output.
speech rate is way to fast.  ctrl +e d r has no effect.
using the hot keys ctrl + e d 1 - predefined for dectalk also have no effect.
ctrl + e d space is unstable.  When the program first starts, lines are split unusually.  I use the ctrl + e d space command to set text splitting to something a little more intelligible and when I change screens, even by scrolling, it appears to set back to the text will be split at white space.  Sorry, I don't have the exact syntax, I'm writing this message in windows.
Is there any way of reinitialising the accent SA server so that it uses default settings?  I think when I was trying to get it installed, I may have changed some parameters inappropriately.
Thanks for any and all past answers to my newbie questions.

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