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C-e C-t is used to open tabular data  that has been  saved out 
using a nested set of vectors.
the format is 
[[1 2 3] [4 5 6]]

I originally wrote that command to first go investigate what
the right user model for browsing tabular data was-- see the
section on browsing in the book Auditory User Interfaces
--Toward the speaking computer.

In general, the way I use emacspeak's table browsing
abilities is not to create the tabular data a la C-e C-t
first --instead use other commands e.g. C-e tab that look at
tabular data e.g., tab or space delimited data, to convert it
to a tabular representation.  The same UI that C-e C-t
provides for table browsing is provided by C-e tab.

The reasoning for this is that there is more tabular data in
the world that is tab or space delimited --than 
exists as a nested set of vectors.

Another useful command is C-e ! which runs a shell command
and processes the output as a table --so try 
C-e ! df 
this will produce a tabular output of your disk usage that
you can browse.

Finally, when in table browsing mode, you can copy the table
structure and paste it into an HTML or TeX file to have it
inserted with the appropriate markup --see the documentation
for the various emacspeak-table-* commands by hitting C-h f

The goal was to eventually integrate this with W3 to allow
rich table browsing --but the mess that is HTML tables
--along with lack of time has not made this happen
completely --the trouble is nested tables in HTML with weird
row and col spans to achieve visual layout.

>>>>> "thunaraz" == thunaraz  <benny@netspace.net.au> writes:

    thunaraz> I've just been having a look at the table-mode
    thunaraz> that comes with Emacspeak; what a fantastic
    thunaraz> idea! Just one question: how do you save a
    thunaraz> table you've created with c-e tab so it can be
    thunaraz> read later with c-e c-t? I tried just writing
    thunaraz> the table-buffer to a file and doing a c-e c-t
    thunaraz> to find it, but I just got beeped. I had a
    thunaraz> look in the mode help, but couldn't seem to
    thunaraz> find a solution.

    thunaraz> Thanks in advance.

    thunaraz> Ben van Poppel

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