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Problems downloading Viavoice

>>>>> "thunaraz" == thunaraz  <benny@netspace.net.au>
>>>>> writes:
interesting --looks like either a bug in their HTML --or a
>>>>> bug in W3 
--notice the #21 in the URL --that should be :21 --unless
>>>>> you mistyped it in the message.

    thunaraz> Hi all.  I've been trying to download Viavoice
    thunaraz> from the IBM site, and all goes well until I
    thunaraz> click on the file I want, and then I get error
    thunaraz> in process sentinel: FTP Error: OPEN request
    thunaraz> failed: ftp: Unknown host

    thunaraz> I haven't the foggiest what's going on
    thunaraz> here. Any ideas?

    thunaraz> Thanks.

    thunaraz> Ben

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