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Re: (Fwd) [IRR] Yahoo Broadcast[.com] dumping RealFnord for Window

> this has been coming for a while --there is a large amount
> of content on the ayhoo site that is already only in wmp
> format. But it's scary that they are willfully ditching
> realaudio --though in some realaudio probably had it coming
> to them.

I took a quick look at www.broadcast.com just now, and noticed one stream
that was available only in Real Audio format.  The others I saw were
available in both formats.

> The right thing for all streaming content providers might be
> actually to ditch both wmp and ra and instead go to
> streaming mp3 for which many players exist --what's more I
> think there are no obstacles to implementing more players
> for mp3 --as opposed to ra or wmp.

That format is covered by patents, which Thomson and the Fraunhofer
Institute are choosing not to enforce (yet).  A collection of links on
this is at http://www.mpeg.org/MPEG/mp3.html#licensing .
Trevor Johnson

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