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dectalk PC driver

Hi All,

I have a problem and could use some help.
I had configured the dectalk PC driver on a system running
Mandrake 6.0.
and it worked.  Someone decided that everyone needs a new NT
OS, so I returned to find that it ate my linux plus my
windows screen reader was win95/98 compantable and not NT.
Reinstalled Win95 and got it working.
Reinstalled Mandrake 6.0 (basically a Red Hat dist plus)
Done all the 6.0 updates. Then purchased 6.1 and upgraded to
that. Got the updates for it also.
I downloaded the driver from blinux ftp site, 
Then as root, untarred,unzipped it in /usr/dtpc-0.95
I copied the files needed for the Dectalk PC2 here.
make seemed to go OK, 
make dev seemed to go with a warning about main not being
/dev/dtpc0 was created.
insmod ./dtpc.o
and received lots of unresolved errors
./dtstart said it can't find or /dev/dtpc0 doesn't exist

Can someone help me out.
Ron Marriage
E-Mail    mailto:marriage@seidata.com
Homepage  http://www.seidata.com/~marriage

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