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first timer needs installation help

Dear all,
I have just subscribed to this list and want to describe the reasons for
doing so.
I have been working  with Windows 95 and dos using related screen readers
and doubletalk LT (external model) for the last four years (that was when I
first started using computers.)
But now my office is shifting completely to a UNIX environment because of
which I have to quickly learn to work with a screen reader in UNIX. 
I downloaded the emacspeak-11.0.tgz file from a Website and unzipped the
files on  a dos drive under the folder emacspeak-11.0.
Next, I installed Redhat LINUX 6.1 on one of the partitions of my machine
and managed to make it a dual boot with windows 95 and Windows NT.
I also downloaded the emacspeak doubletalk lt driver file with a .rpm
extension from a Web site and used the command
rpm -i <filename> 
on the $ prompt after logging on as root. This, I think installed the rpm
Next, I copied the emacspeak files from the dos drive to the folder
/emacspeak-11.0 on the unix partition.

That is where I am stuck. I don't know what to do next.
The read me and makefile files instruct the user to run the following two
make config
But when I run either of these commands from within the emacspeak-11.0
folder or from outside it, I get the error message -- command not found.

Can somebody please help me and tell me what to do next to get my system to

If possible, please make your explanation as detailed as possible because I
am an absolute newcomer to UNIX and really don't know anything about it.
I have many more questions but I guess one should go one step at a time.
Thanks in anticipation


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