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still can't bet emacspeak runing

Hello everyone:

	About a month ago I have posted here my problem with the
instalation of emacspeak. I have REdhat 6.1 and trying to instal emacspeak
with mbrola on my laptop.
I think that the emacs is instaled cause when I type emacs I get to the
screen where I can type some stuff,
but when I try to start emacspeak issuing command
from my consol I get to the blank screen the system beeps once and I have
there for following message
Symbol's function definition is void: track mouse
Someone suggested that I may noth ave properly instaled xwindows. I have
tried to installed all ofthe rmps, but the problem persists.
Could someone kindly help me to solve this problem?
Please contact me at my private address
because I don't want bother other listers with the answer to my problem.
Zdenek Vopat

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