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Re: talking debian

I am new to Linux. I started with DOS in the late 1980's and started
with Windows 3.11 in July 1995. I upgraded to Windows 95 two years
later. A sighted friend helped me install Debian Linux on my July 1999
Windows 98 IBM ThinkPad. I have been reading and reading docs to learn
Linux and starting to get confused. The only way I figure I will learn
Linux is by useing it. I have no useable sight left and rely on my
DECTalk Express for speech output. I was wondering what the difference
was between Emacspeak and Speakup? Is it possible to run a telnet or
other communication program under Windows 98, (c: on my laptop), and
Linux, (d: on my laptop), on the same machine? I have the latest
EmacSpeak on a 3.5" floppy and in a directory on my ThinkPad's C drive,
(c:\data\linux). The floppy has the compressed TGZ file, and the Hard
drive has the uncompressed version. A step by step procedure to install
EmacSpeak would be a
great help.

The Super Duper Guide Dog Dabney and
Angus D.F. MacKinnon, (Chapter President)
Foundation Fighting Blindness - Canada
E-Mail: mailto:dabneyadfm@home.com
Web Page: http://members.home.net/dabneyadfm

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