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Re: Question on Installing EmacSpeak and Linux

On Sun, 2 Apr 2000, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

> >>>>> "s" == srajiv  <srajiv@erols.com> writes:
>     s> Hi, I just downloaded EmacSpeak 11.0 and wish to try out the
>     s> product with Linux. I, however, don't know anything about Linux
>     s> (including from where to download it), which version is
>     s> compatible with my Toshiba laptop running Windows 98, and how
>     s> to install ViaVoice Outloud. I would appreciate anyone's help.

As for compatible, any version, as Linux is an OS like windows and just
needs its own partition to live on.

> Your first stop should be the Linux Documentation Project at
> http://www.linuxdoc.org and go straight to the Laptop-HOWTO.

There are also some really great linux newbie sites as well as plenty of
books out there like Linux for Dummies and such...

> As for downloading Linux, unless you have a high-speed modem and a CD
> burner, it is far more economical to just buy a CD, and since you are
> new to Linux, I highly recommend either the Corel or the Mandrake/MCP
> distributions.  Both are widely available in bookstores and computer
> software shops.

I don't know anything about Corel, but I'd stay as FAR away from Mandrake
as physically possible.  I know Linux and I've installed it before and it
took me over a week to work out all the enormous bugs in MacMillan's
release of Mandrake, which seems to be the only one you can pick up in
bookshops, etc in the US at least.

My personal opinion of types would be to go RedHat of any type but
Mandrake, everything being pre-packaged in RPMs makes installation of new
bits /MUCH/ easier for a newbie...  It's all already compiled and where it
needs to be...

Just to go off the emacspeak topic for a bit...  :)


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