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Re: Question on Installing EmacSpeak and Linux

>>>>> "s" == srajiv  <srajiv@erols.com> writes:

    s> Hi, I just downloaded EmacSpeak 11.0 and wish to try out the
    s> product with Linux. I, however, don't know anything about Linux
    s> (including from where to download it), which version is
    s> compatible with my Toshiba laptop running Windows 98, and how
    s> to install ViaVoice Outloud. I would appreciate anyone's help.

Now there is a _really_ brave person! :)

Your first stop should be the Linux Documentation Project at
http://www.linuxdoc.org and go straight to the Laptop-HOWTO.

As for downloading Linux, unless you have a high-speed modem and a CD
burner, it is far more economical to just buy a CD, and since you are
new to Linux, I highly recommend either the Corel or the Mandrake/MCP
distributions.  Both are widely available in bookstores and computer
software shops.

There is no shortage of Linux help sites, IRC help, newsgroups and
local user groups, and a great many books on the subject.  You can
also find many links to beginner (and advanced) resources at

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