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synthesizer choices for emacspeak?


I'm very new to the list - for the past 10 years or so I've been accessing
HP-UX machines via telnet from DOS or windows based machines equipped with
screen-reading software.  I'd like to try out emacspeak and am wondering if
I have the necessary hardware to give it a try.

My first question is about synthesizers - from my reading I understand
emacspeak works with dectalk external synths and possibily double-talk
internal cards - I have an Artic transport and a Double-Talk Lt (both
external serial devices) and an Artic symphonix internal card at my disposal
- has anyone successfully used emacspeak with any of these devices under

Has anyone (or is it even possible) used emacspeak on a platform other than
Linux?  I was wondering if it would be worth even trying to run emacspeak
under HP-UX through a serial synthesizer.


Bruce Macdonald

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