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Re: installing emackspeek

To actually answer the question, TGZ is a short form for "TAR" and
"GZ". A 'tar' file is a Tape Archive file, which means it is just a
snapshot of someone's files as they sit on the hard drive.  A GZ file
means the main file, in this case a tar file, also called a tar ball,
has been compressed with the g-zip program.

In Linux you are lucky: We use GNU tar which already understands how
to uncompress before unpacking the tape.  After that it gets hairy.

Ok, your tar ball has files in it, but the question is, "Where will
these files go?"  No matter how sure you are, it is always best to
check first:

        tar tzf emacspeak-11.0.tgz

shows that all files begin with emacspeak-11.0/ so we know this tape
will create that directory.  Better change some place nice like 
/usr/src before unpacking it with 

        tar xzf emacspeak-11.0.tgz

Now it gets really weird: You change to the emacspeak-11.0 directory
you just created and find it full of files.  Luckily, one of them is
called "install" and from there you are on your way.

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