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A gentle introduction to Emacspeak

Gary --Great start!

I'd like to see this thing get fleshed out over time with
task-oriented sections 
want to set up the style so the link to "next" appears
before the link to "prev"
--useful to the speech user who can hit tab once rather than

Comments typed in as I read through:

Rather than using a knife to cut out the windows key I
turned it into a hyper key that emacs can use.
will post the setup to the list separately.

You say control-space re-reads the line --well that sets the
mark, and a side effect is to read the line where the mark
is set.
I'd teach the new user C-e l 
--alternatively my fingers automatically do M-m
--back-to-indentation which will also speak the line.

in section:
you have a typo --says M-h (rather than C-h) for help
--unless you remapped it --M-h will mark paragraph.

In section

Avoid the current usage of term "frame" --since that means
something very specific in emacs.

Term window is not too much better for this --but at least
that is what emacs calls it.
Note that emacspeak *does* support you displaying the same
buffer in multiple emacs frames 
but I tend to think of that as fairly advanced usage.
--see the emacs manual for windows and frames 

at this point in the tutorial rather than telling the user
lots of key sequences 
which always produces the reaction "you mean I have to
remember all that ..."
first point out that M-x command always works --that command
names are mnemonic and can be discovered by hitting tab to
complete --that commands when discovered can 
be investigated to discover the key sequence that would
invoke them


typo --word "same" repeated.
Again dont call emacs windows frames 
move this one to occur before the sections where you give
the various buffer related key strokes 

typo --M-h i instead of C-h i

note that you will hear the '*' on menu items if emacspeak
is in punctuation mode "all" as opposed to "some"
p.s. I would not call info ancient or antiquated it has the
best features of the WWW before the WWW spun out of control.
note that you can jump to the various mail headers by
hitting C-c C-f C-s for go to subject etc.

so: type the address 
hit C-c C-f C-s type the subject hit M-> to go to the end of
the buffer --gets you over that pesky separator line -and
start typing 

Great start all in all --let's keep this going!

Best Regards,

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