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I know that this is a list dedicate to a specific subject matter, but I
would appreciate any in put.  Sorry, if I am off track here, and hope that I
am not getting started on the wrong foot!  If there is a better group for me
to start with, I am will to give them a try.

I am new to the LINUX world, and totally blind.  I do, however, have some
limited experience in the Unix world.  This is from my days at university.
My studies of computer science were done on the Unix platform.

In reading on the internet, I came across Emacspeak, and became interested.
I read that the latest version is 12.01, and if I am not mistaken, it will
work with and Accentsa.  Can this be confirmed?  Unfortunately, I was unable
to find out how to install, and initialize Emacspeak.  Can someone help me
out here?

So far, I have installed RedHat's LINUX 5.2, and will be upgrading to 6.2
right away.  I have logged in as the root to make sure that all is fine, and
that is about all.  My current screen reader, my wife, is a luddite, and
gets extremely frustrated when she has to read the screen to me.  I thought
these things could talk to you, I have often heard her say with great

Any and all tips will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

Stephen Dawes B.A. B.Sc.
Web Business Office, City of Calgary
PHONE:  (403) 268-5527. FAX: (403) 268-6423
E-MAIL ADDRESS:  sdawes@gov.calgary.ab.ca

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