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Re: key-repeat

>>>>> "T" == T V Raman <ramantv@earthlink.net> writes:

    T> that is what I would have understood key repeat to mean. So
    T> what if anything does this have to do with emacspeak --or for
    T> that matter emacs?

It may be a matter of X --- I see in the XF86Config man page that the
option "may not work on some platforms."  Since the issue is of great
annoyance to my primary emacspeak tester, I thought it may be a common
annoyance and this list may have a quick fix.

As it turns out, I suspect it is a PC-specific thing and needs to be
addressed in the CMOS.

On a related note, though, and to get back to Emacspeak, you mentioned
that I should not remove the windows key with a knife but should
instead map it to something more useful.  What did you map it to?  His
keyboard also has power-off/suspend/sleep keyboard keys just above
print/scroll/pause and I wonder, can I also remap those to something
less dramatic than a forced power-down?

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