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sdk viavoice not working yet & beginners install notes starting....

it's amazing how insistent some people can be.
why do you keep reporting viavoice troubles to me --that to
to my personal mailbox?

>>>>> "Jonathan" == Jonathan Chetwynd <jc@signbrowser.org.uk> writes:

    Jonathan> I would like to report that I and another
    Jonathan> beginner Peter Crabb have agreed to start work
    Jonathan> on installnotes for emacspeak.

    Jonathan> I would be grateful if you would briefly
    Jonathan> comment on what I need to do next.

    Jonathan> ViaVoice is not making sounds yet.

    Jonathan> I ran the ViaVoice sdk test and got the
    Jonathan> output:

    Jonathan> ret=0 from eciSetOutputDevice i=1,Hello,
    Jonathan> Welcome to ViaVoice Outloud for LInux
    Jonathan> ./runcmdlinespeak: line 21: 1135 Segmentation
    Jonathan> fault $CLSDIR/cmdlinespeak "Hello, Welcome to
    Jonathan> ViaVoice Outloud for LInux"

    Jonathan> I tried to make stdiosynth make: 'stdiosynth'
    Jonathan> is up to date

    Jonathan> I do not have a midi module in the kernel
    Jonathan> (sndstat)

    Jonathan> jc@signbrowser.org.uk jonathan chetwynd
    Jonathan> special needs teacher web accessibility
    Jonathan> consultant

    Jonathan> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Jonathan> mail to "emacspeak-request@cs.vassar.edu" with
    Jonathan> a subject of "unsubscribe" or "help"

Best Regards,

Email:  raman@cs.cornell.edu
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PGP:    http://cs.cornell.edu/home/raman/raman.asc 

To unsubscribe from the emacspeak list or change your address on the
emacspeak list send mail to "emacspeak-request@cs.vassar.edu" with a
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