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sdk viavoice not working yet & beginners install notes starting....

I would like to report that I and another beginner Peter Crabb have agreed
to start work on installnotes for emacspeak.

I would be  grateful if you would briefly comment on what I need to do next.

ViaVoice is not making sounds yet.

I ran the ViaVoice sdk test and got the output:

ret=0 from eciSetOutputDevice
i=1,Hello, Welcome to ViaVoice Outloud for LInux
./runcmdlinespeak: line 21: 1135 Segmentation fault $CLSDIR/cmdlinespeak
"Hello, Welcome to ViaVoice Outloud for LInux"

I tried to make stdiosynth
make: 'stdiosynth' is up to date

I do not have a midi module in the kernel (sndstat)

jonathan chetwynd
special needs teacher
web accessibility consultant

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