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Re: Octal characters

On Wed, 14 Jun 2000, Victor Tsaran wrote:

> Guys, do any of you know how to make Emacspeak to be more explicit
> with these octal characters? I mean, is there any other way to have
> them be spoken iin a more natural manner? If they represent a
> graphical char, like those in high ASCII set, let them be spoken as such!

My collegue here in France is using Emacspeak with a Dectalk synthetiser
which is made for english language. For programming or reading english
papers no problem. But she has often to read in french, mails ...
When reading french texts like "j'habite  Strasbourg", Dectalk pronounce
it with english accent, it's normal, but to say accentuated characters
like "" (agrave) whose ascii code is greater than 128 decimal , he says
the ISO-8859-1 code, which is rather incomprehensible. I would like that
emacspeak translate "" (agrave) in "a" before to send the character
string to the serial port where Dectalk is connected.
My question to Raman is how can I change it? My idea was to insert
a filter between Emacspeak and the serial port. I could have a look to the
TCL script but it is so easy to ask others!
I hope you have understood  my bad english .
Thanks to Raman for his beautiful work, which is, as you here, also used
here in France.
Jacque Morel
Jacques MOREL-PHASE-BP20CR 67037 Strasbourg-T: 03 88 10 65 02-F: 03 88 10 60 29

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