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Re: Octal characters

Have your friend define a French dictionary and define
pronunciations for the octal chars --that will work in most
See the documentation for command defined in emacspeak-pronounce 

>>>>> "Jacques" == Jacques Morel <morel@phase.c-strasbourg.fr> writes:

    Jacques> On Wed, 14 Jun 2000, Victor Tsaran wrote:
    >> Guys, do any of you know how to make Emacspeak to be
    >> more explicit with these octal characters? I mean, is
    >> there any other way to have them be spoken iin a more
    >> natural manner? If they represent a graphical char,
    >> like those in high ASCII set, let them be spoken as
    >> such!

    Jacques> My collegue here in France is using Emacspeak
    Jacques> with a Dectalk synthetiser which is made for
    Jacques> english language. For programming or reading
    Jacques> english papers no problem. But she has often to
    Jacques> read in french, mails ...  When reading french
    Jacques> texts like "j'habite  Strasbourg",
    Jacques> Dectalk pronounce it with english accent, it's
    Jacques> normal, but to say accentuated characters like
    Jacques> "" (agrave) whose ascii code is greater
    Jacques> than 128 decimal , he says the ISO-8859-1 code,
    Jacques> which is rather incomprehensible. I would like
    Jacques> that emacspeak translate "" (agrave) in
    Jacques> "a" before to send the character string to the
    Jacques> serial port where Dectalk is connected.  My
    Jacques> question to Raman is how can I change it? My
    Jacques> idea was to insert a filter between Emacspeak
    Jacques> and the serial port. I could have a look to the
    Jacques> TCL script but it is so easy to ask others!  I
    Jacques> hope you have understood my bad english .
    Jacques> Thanks to Raman for his beautiful work, which
    Jacques> is, as you here, also used here in France.
    Jacques> Jacque Morel ---------- Jacques
    Jacques> MOREL-PHASE-BP20CR 67037 Strasbourg-T: 03 88 10
    Jacques> 65 02-F: 03 88 10 60 29
    Jacques> http://www-phase.c-strasbourg.fr

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Best Regards,

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