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w3 dieing when trying to submit a form.

set debug-on-error to t and llook at the backtrace to see
why it is dying.
>>>>> "bart" == bart bunting <bart@socs.uts.edu.au> writes:

    bart> hi,

    bart> Let me first say that I have sent this to the
    bart> emacspeak list as it appears to only appear when
    bart> emacspeak is being used and not in a vanilla
    bart> emacs.

    bart> I've encountered a funny situation with w3 4.pre46
    bart> under fsf emacs 20.6.2 and 20.5.1.  using both
    bart> emacspeak 11 and 12.

    bart> i have installed the php helpdesk package which is
    bart> a simple helpdesk written in php:

    bart> look at http://bruce.urnet.com.au/helpdesk

    bart> to see my live example.

    bart> login with user phphdadmin and password
    bart> phphdadmin.

    bart> once you have logged in, try adding a problem or
    bart> using any of the other links.  the form to add a
    bart> problem appears correctly, but when you try and
    bart> submit it w3 gives a:

    bart> symbol's function deffinition is void: nil

    bart> Can someone take a look and see if this is also
    bart> happening for them? I have reproduced it on three
    bart> systems.

    bart> it works fine with IE, and lynx.

    bart> Any help greatly appreciated.

    bart> Bart

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Best Regards,

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