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success ...of a sort

I finally installed Gnu Emacs 20.5 from a source installation
after the Slackware binary blew up with a missing lib file problem.

After that I managed to install Emacspeak 11.0 and was able to bring up
emacspeak/emacs as root.  

However..all is not yet sweetness and lightr here.  The program dis give
me the "Dectalk Express " and "All circuits are functioning perfectly" 
messages. Then it said to press C-h c-e for more details.

Well...I pressed C-h c-e and a screenful of text appeared
silentoly upon my screen.  Since it didn't say anything I have no idea 
what it said. Possibly it was telling me how to make emacspeak read a buffer
outloud. Hmmm.  Should it have spoken? Did I do something wrong?

Inquiring Minds Want to Know.

Emacspeak did utter a few odds and ends as I tried out different
keys. However no amount of refreshing of moving around caused 
emacspeak to read the content of the screen.

Since I am new to both emacs and emacspeak I could use a fair amount
of advice at this point. Suggestions anyone? Useful ones please.


Rudy Vener

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