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success ...of a sort

A. R. Vener writes:
 > I finally installed Gnu Emacs 20.5 from a source installation
 > after the Slackware binary blew up with a missing lib file problem.
 > After that I managed to install Emacspeak 11.0 and was able to bring up
 > emacspeak/emacs as root.  

to start with, you should use emacspeak 12 as it's the latest version.

 > However..all is not yet sweetness and lightr here.  The program dis give
 > me the "Dectalk Express " and "All circuits are functioning perfectly" 
 > messages. Then it said to press C-h c-e for more details.
 > Well...I pressed C-h c-e and a screenful of text appeared
 > silentoly upon my screen.  Since it didn't say anything I have no idea 
 > what it said. Possibly it was telling me how to make emacspeak read a buffer
 > outloud. Hmmm.  Should it have spoken? Did I do something wrong?

yes, it should speak.

note: c- means control and m- or meta means alt.  when you see c-h it means control h.

when you type c-h c-e you are placed in a buffer which contains text
describing emacspeak.  you should be able to use your up and down
arrows to navigate the text.  to read the entire buffer use c-e n

if you can more completely describe what is happening we may be able to track down the problem.  when is the dectalk speaking?  what is it speaking etc.

another key sequence that is your friend is c-e c-s which will restart
the speech synth if it gets itself in knot.


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