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Re: forwarded message from Ann K. Parsons

I just wanted to follow this message with some good news for Linux:
This past week marks the milestone where Linux became 'mainstream'
following the announcement that Dell has elevated Linux to *equal*
stature with Windows and Novell as O/S options on their entire line of
computers. At this point, I am not 100% this includes desktops, but it
does certainly include the servers and I will not be surprised if the
rumours of it including desktops is also true.  What this means is
anyone buying from Dell online (which includes many of my rural
neighbours) will see a pulldown option list that asks
"Windows/NT/Linux" as the pre-installed O/S.

What this means for emacspeak is simple: We are beyond pioneers and
covered wagons, we have entered the era of the railroads.

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