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list discussion

First off, I changed the subject because a few list members seem to
reject mail with "forwarded message from " in the subject.

>>>>> "Ann" == Ann K Parsons <akp@eznet.net> writes:

Ann> ...  Also, what you need to consider is that a computer is no
Ann> longer something to be tinkered with on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
Ann> It has become an indispensible tool in the work-place, at home,
Ann> and in school. 

Not sure I follow this one, for me and others these machiens have been
indispensable for decades.

Ann> Many people do not have the time to experiment or to spend in
Ann> self directed learning... 

And there is no reason they should have to.  There are many comercial
programs out there people can buy.  If they do a little research
before they buy they can find out if their purchase entitles them to
customer support.  Microsoft and Apple have done a great job of
teaching people that when they encounter a problem they should pick up
the phone.

However, just because comercial software is teaching people they
should look outside themselfs for help, we are not obligated to behave
the same.  That is a quick trip to burn out.  After all, the people on
the other end of those phones are paid to be there and they go home at
the end of the day.  We are not paid, we are doing this after we have
been at work for the day (or before we go in, or both).  All our hours
put in to any help at all for this is volunteer.

Ann> ...they may be techies who are spending their own time trying to
Ann> help a PWD to access the net via Emacspeak.  These people deserve
Ann> our help and our admiration.  It's because of caring individuals
Ann> like these that blind people will be accessing the Net for years
Ann> to come.  We need to cultivate these sorts of people, not turn
Ann> them off.

Well, here I both agree and disagree.  We all give in the way we can.
For example, without T.V. Raman there would be no emacspeak.  No
emacspeak at all, end of story.  Ultimatly, we each give the amount we
want to give as our live allows.  Would I like to do full time
emacspeak support?  Perhaps I would, but as I choise not to charge for
my emacspeak advise, that is not an option.  Do we give caring
individuals who are trying to help our admiration?  Sure, as long as
they are realy helping.  Does their action require us to put out more
ourselfes?  No.  It might inspire us to do so, but it in no way
compels us to act.

Just because someone choises to give of their time (like your
hypothetical techie giving of their time to help someone get emacspeak
running) does not obligate another individual to give of theirs.  We
are all volenters here.  We do what we can.

Emacspeak is not for everyone.  I think it is a great system that is
well worth the effort required in learning it.  But no one is required
to use it.  No one must support it.

This list is here so that emacspeak users can help eachother use
emacspeak.  So I will again say, if you see a question you can answer,
go for it.  Its that simple.  


 Greg Priest-Dorman

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