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Emacspeak and the 'net


I have never had a lot of joy with lynx, although it is useable to some extent.

w3 is the emacs browser.  it's available from xemacs.org as well as debian packages and most probably as rpms as well.

you will need to get either a pre packaged version or a tarball version 4.0 pre 46 is the latest i beleive.


The Other writes:
 > Having previously used windows and Jaws, I am starting to learn linux and
 > emacspeak.  My son (sighted) is fairly familiar with linux.  What is the
 > best way to browse the www with emacspeak, is it possible to use lynx, and
 > if so how do I set it up.
 > In our previous attempts, we got lynx working using vt100 emulation which
 > was not good as the colors came up as escape sequences such as [[12 etc.
 > We have also heard of some sort of browser built into emacs, and all of
 > our attempts with w3c have resulted in getting raw html outputed.
 > Thanks, Rob and James.
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