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request information.

Hi all,

>>>>> "T" == T V Raman <ramantv@earthlink.net> writes:

    T> I'm forwarding your message to the emacspeak list --hopefully
    T> someone wil have the time to answer your questions and help you
    T> out.

I can answer some of your questions, Ed, but look forward to more
technical replies as well.

>>>>> "Ed" == Ed Lain <edlain@snowcrest.net> writes:

    Ed> Dear Raman, Could you give me information on emacspeak. Are
    Ed> there instructions available in Braille, or, tape? 

There Aren't any taped or braille instructions, far as I know, unless
someone's brailled some stuff from the manuals.  But it is all
available on-line.

    Ed> Does the
    Ed> system sold in the stores come complete, or do I have to get
    Ed> the voice system separately?

You can buy the Linux Distribution, more on this in a minute, from any
computer store.  It will cost you about $39.00 for the CD and a huge
print manual which is reproduced on the CD.  You can also buy the CD
without the print manual from Linux.com or cheapbits for about $3 or
so.  You need to download Emacspeak from the Net.  You don't buy
emacspeak, it is open source software, more on this too, later.

    Ed> Am I correct in concluding that emacspeak is a screen reader
    Ed> like Window-Eyes? 

<smile> Ed, Emacspeak is not a screen reader in the sense you mean.
It is a voiced output system for Emacs, which is a customizable,
extendible editor for the Linux Operating system.  It is an audio
desktop and all the commands are keyboard commands and they are
intuitive.  I'll send you the FAQ under separate cover.  After reading
it, you'll get an idea as to why its inventor is quite outspoken about
this difference.  Indeed, it is Emacspeak's strength.

    ED> I am still struggling with Windows and the
    Ed> system keeps crashing on me. I would certainly like to get
    Ed> back to a dos based program.  As you can see, I am not at all
    Ed> clear what this program is and would appreciate any help.

Well, I'd struggle too if someone forced me to go through a window,
especially if it were on the second story and I kept crashing to the
ground.  Ed Emacspeak is not a Windows or a DOS based program.  It is
a Linux/Unix based one.  Unix is the original language used by
mainframe computers.  Linux is Unix for the PC.  What I would suggest
is that you read the FAQ, then see what other responses you get from
the list, and then decide what route you want to take.  If you decide
to go Linux, you will not have to pay anything more for your system or
for Emacspeak.  Open Source software is free because it contains the
source code for whatever program it is.  If you want, you can learn to
program and modify your own software to meet your needs or the needs
of others.  This type of sharing of knowledge leads to quick bug
fixes, improvements in design of various programs, and a generally
helpful and talented bunch of folks.  

I hope you decide to quit trying to go through that window.  You may
have to continue to do so if you have OCR software, but for most
things, Linux is a much better, more stable OS than anything Bill
Gates ever thought of making.  Have a great day.

Ann P.
    Ed> Sincerely,

    Ed> Ed Lain

    T> -- Best Regards, --raman

    T> Email: raman@cs.cornell.edu WWW:
    T> http://cs.cornell.edu/home/raman/ PGP:
    T> http://cs.cornell.edu/home/raman/raman.asc

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