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problems starting remote speech server

Regarding your second question:

  PR> I'd like to launch emacspeak straight into this remote
  PR> connection method  the same way I am with the rsh
  PR> method.  At the moment I have things set up to run
  PR> emacspeak-setup before my .emacs file, so I get
  PR> immediate feedback on things like the diary.  Is there
  PR> something  I can set to tell emacspeak not to bother
  PR> with local speech-servers and just execute
  PR> emacspeak-remote-connect-to-server

At present this does not exist in the form you envision.

PR> Raman, if this doesn't exist and you think it would be
  PR> useful, I'm willing to try to hack it in.

If it is useful is only determined by hacking it and seeing
   if you use it:-) Seriously though --go ahead and hack it
   and if you use it consistently I'll integrate it in.
Note that in addition to emacspeak-remote-connect-to-server
there is also command
emacspeak-remote-quick-connect-to-server that does not
bother to prompt for the remote server and port.  If you are
sure that you will always run emacspeak with a remote server
on a machine you could add that command to your
emacspeak-startup-hook in your .emacs.

I've never done this because I do not kill and restart emacs
everytime I login.  Instead, you should take a look at
screen --run screen at the remote end, run Emacspeak, and
then never kill the emacs session --just power detach the
screen session when you are logging off. With this, and
command emacspeak-remote-quick-connect-to-server bound to a
key of your choice you will get a better end-user experience
than starting up emacs each time you login.

Another thing to watch out for is to make sure that the
remote session reliably knows where you are logging in from 
--this can get interesting if you use dhcp and login from
random IP numbers while on the road.

Depending on the flavor of UNIX at the remote end you can
find this out using command "who am i" --on Linux I use a
perl hack I wrote that extracts the info from
/var/adm/lastlog --note that "who am i" is flaky if the
hostname from which you've logged in is very long --and this
is typical in the case of using dhcp via dialin services.

Best Regards,

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