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emacspeak questions

(please cc me - i don't think i'm subscribed)
ok, i don't think emacspeak will run on this system:
8 mb ram, 6 bogomips (old 386). 200mb hard drive.
i have a dectalk pc in that machine, its running dos. so i 
tried using my other machine  , set it to 9600 baud (going from a 38400 baud
getty to a 9600 baud one, then none at all).
then i typed at my dos box:
type com2 >com3 
com2 is my dos box's serial port, and com3 is my dtpc's port.
that works when i write simple test message as echo test. >/dev/ttyS0
and stuff, when i start emacspeak my dos box returns me to dos prompt.
what's going on?

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