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Re: The Emacspeak WikiWiki is now live

Please read
http://emacspeak-guide.sourceforge.net:80/wiki/?HowToUseWiki and all
will be explained.  

To throw your own argument back at you ;) to make the changes you
request, we invalidate all the existing Wiki docs on the web!

That said, and to throw _my_ own argument back at _me_, the question
mark may be prohibitively problematic, although only for content
_creators_ as will be clear when you read the docs and understand how
the Wiki works and the meaning of the question mark (it marks content
not yet explained).

Now, the WordsRunTogether (words run together) may also be problematic
if not all voice synths treat these the same.  It could be that my
ViaVoice handles mixed-case as word-like boundaries because the IBM
guys are geeks rather than linguists and as such, these mixed case
words are a common part of their cultural lexicon.  Other
text-to-speech systems may not be as forgiving, and it would then
befall us to fork our wiki code to use underscores or elisp-like

I actually don't expect the Wiki to be the final draft of any
rank-beginner end-user documentation, but it would be nice if it can
be accessible to all; I expect instead that it will become the raw
notes from which proper documentation is assembled.  It is, of course,
open source software, and the page layout is somewhat controlled by
a template, so if we can fix it to make it accessible, then I say
we go for it and I will add the Wiki code to the sourceforge CVS.
Bwiki has a nice African ring to it.

Also, how is the overall frame layout?  Is the menu at the top
horrifically annoying repetition or do you expect common-link menus to
be at the top of the page?  Is Babelfish even practical to use with
Emacspeak w3? I can post the header and footer if anyone would like to
w3-ify it; after all, if this thing is unusable, it kind of defeats my
purpose, right?

Can I beg a quick tutorial on VM ettiquette? When I use emoticons like
:) and ;) what do you hear?  I notice Ann uses the IRC <grin> instead,
but I thought perhaps that is because IRC is her background. Also,
when I include a link in an email message, do you have some way to use
it as a jump?  Did you need to enable something in vmrc to do this?
We also couldn't find the settings to make VM expand ISO charset
'attachments' sent by netscape users (VM seems very poorly documented).

Finally, to add a new page to a Wiki page, you find the parent page
you want and click the "edit page" link near the bottom.  You will be
given a text edit form where you can scoot down and find the
appropriate place to add your teaser text, and in that, any mixed case
words will become your link.  Save that page and reload it, and you
will now see that question mark next to the new MixedCaseWord; click
the question mark and you will get a new text edit box with the text
"Please describe MixedCaseWord" which can can delete and replace with
your new content.

Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@teledyn.com> TeleDynamics Communications Inc
Business Innovations Through Open Source Systems: http://www.teledyn.com
"Computers are useless.  They can only give you answers."(Pablo Picasso)

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