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Re: Mandrake distribution problem for Emacspeak

>>>>> "W" == W L Estes <wlestes@uncg.edu> writes:
Grab the newest W3 4.0.46 --and look at following modules:

w3-speak.el --the speech-enabling layer 
w3-speak-table.el --sets up the table structures for
w3-display.el --the page rendering code in W3

The page rendering code has been updated to create and
populate the structures defined in w3-speak-table.el 
--all of that code needs bullet-proofing to handle nested
tables --it has rudimentary support for this--
but does not cover things like row spans and col-spans.

    >> 2) Table browsing in W3 requires work on the W3 side
    >> for which we have not found any volunteers.

    W> Ok, can you give me some pointers on where I might go
    W> to understand the needs and issues involved? I'll
    W> probably have some time in the medium term future and
    W> in as much as lynx is continually less
    W> satisfactory...

    W> --Will

Best Regards,

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