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Fix for "cannot use midi auditory icons in outloud server"

the voices should be loaded upon "sound startup"
--see file rc.d/init.d/sound 

there  is a sample.mid in /usr/share/sndconfig 
>>>>> "Greg" == Greg E Priest-Dorman <priestdo@cs.vassar.edu> writes:

    Greg> Hi, I have recently set up the use of midi with
    Greg> emacspeak and I ran into the same problem you had
    Greg> reported last December.  If you have not been able
    Greg> to fix it, please give this a try and let me know.
    Greg> To summarize the problem (as I am posting this to
    Greg> the list), when I start emacspeak version 12 on
    Greg> Red hat 6.1 with viavoice as the speech program
    Greg> and stdiosynth (1.0) installed, instead of hearing
    Greg> the midi icons I get the message "opl3:
    Greg> Initializing voice 0 with undefined instrument"
    Greg> apperaing at the top of the screen (not spoken as
    Greg> I do not think this is going through emacs) and no
    Greg> midi sounds, outloud works as usuall.

    Greg> Here is how I fixed it.  Please try this and let
    Greg> me know if it works for you as I am not sure if
    Greg> what I have is a general solution or something
    Greg> that just happens to work for me.

    Greg> What seems to happen is the midi needs to be
    Greg> initialised on each machine boot.  Once I have
    Greg> played a midi file with play midi emacspeak will
    Greg> play audio icons.  But on each new boot of the
    Greg> machine I must play a midi file with playmidi else
    Greg> I get the "opl3: Initializing voice 0 with
    Greg> undefined instrument" error.

    Greg> I added playing a midi file with playmidi to my
    Greg> rc.local script.  Since having done that,
    Greg> emacspeak midi icons work fine every time.
    Greg> Currently I am using one of the midi files from
    Greg> project gutenberg.  I do need to find something
    Greg> shorter.  If anyone has a pointer to some small
    Greg> midi files I would appreciate it.

    Greg> Hope this helps.

    Greg> Greg -- Greg Priest-Dorman priestdo@cs.vassar.edu

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