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Under Spec ViaVoice TTS?

Greg E. Priest-Dorman writes:
 > Hi,
 > I was dismayed to read that the "minimum" requirements listed for the
 > ViaVoice TTS 5 engine is a 233 with 128 meg of memory.  
 > I am hoping this is a carry over from the specs. for the speech input
 > systtem and not what the speech output system truly needs.
 > Is anyone running version 5 on less than this?  If so, with what
 > results? 

I'm afraid that's pretty close to being accurate, at least in my
I've run it on a laptop with less ram than that but a faster
processor, and I still occasionally have problems with speech under

It's a software  synthe, and that takes horsepower. Hell, as far as
I'm concerned we've only really just gotten to the point where most
people have machines with the power to run software synthesisers, and
I still think my transport is more responsive under most circumstances
than Viavoice. When I can, I use it, particularly if I'm doing heavy

That's just my opinion, though. I'd be interested if anyone's found
any different.

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